Episode 12

Episode 012: Just put a gun in it!

Published on: 23rd May, 2024

The Stage Select is a wee bit late this week, but hopefully

all the game talk and show announcements make up for it! Enjoy!

00:00 Introduction, show announcements

16:54 Trying to get back to Final Fantasy VII

Rebirth, Harold Halibut closing thoughts

29:14 Persona 3 Reload (May)

48:35 House Party closing thoughts

01:13:16 Darryl Strawberry facts with Morgun, an

unused Fromsoft NPC, Unmetal, School Girl Zombie Hunters

01:35:30 Games that Justin played for 5 minutes

01:51:25 Getting cynical about game design for a bit

02:36:23 Diablo IV: Loot Reborn, the Chrysler 200,

Justin keeps playing Top Spin

02:51:14 A tale of Elden Ring triumph, outro

Theme song and interstitial music by Megan McDuffee: https://meganmcduffee.com

Logo and artwork by John Gholson

Announcer: John Gholson

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Theme song lyrics:

What could this possibly be?

Seems a lot like a podcast…

Wonder what specifically?

Talkin’ bout video games,

With your hosts, you’re in good hands.

Not more of the same!

Now we’ll jump right in,

So expect the unexpected and more.  

Now we’ll get groovin,’

Never know who’s gonna walk through the door!

There just might be some treasure in this chest,

Having fun with our special guests,

Time for Stage Select!

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Welcome to The Stage Select: a video game variety show hosted by Julian Titus and Justin Hamm! We guarantee that we'll talk about video games. Beyond that, you never know what (or who!) to expect each week.
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Julian Titus

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Since first seeing a Galaga cabinet in the arcade at the age of 5, Julian has always been fascinated by video games, leading to a lifelong obsession. He dabbles in game collecting, history, and industry analysis, but most of all, he loves talking about video games! Inspired by podcasts such as 1up Yours, The Giant Bombcast, and Rebel FM, Julian has been podcasting since 2011, and has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

Justin Hamm

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Julian told me I had to make a bio on here. I don't know how to write them. Here's some things about me. I eat chips sometimes. I enjoy lying about boat ownership. I have another podcast called This Is Video Games where I'm Justin Hamm and I talk about video games with weird adult themes... Like being naked and stuff. Those games. I should make more of it. I don't know what else to add. Hopefully this fulfills my mandated biography writing. Thank you for your time to the 6 people who will read this. Oh! Im also on The Stage Select Podcast... Or I will be. I will have to update this when it starts officially.